Using cutting edge Natural Language Technology Brainhat has developed a Programming Environment capable of interfacing with new technologies such as Voice XML, speech engines, and robotics.

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Brainhat is a platform for building language-based systems. It can understand language, represent and manipulate knowledge, run inferences and generate output. Most of the application programming is done in English, and all the higher level computation takes place in English. Processing is associative, which means that Brainhat can follow many conversations at one time, like a person.

brainhat block diagram

Natural language capability becomes powerful when one interfaces with the real world. The Brainhat core code is wrapped in interfaces to different environments, include the Web, VoiceXML, speech engines, robots and external processes and mail. All interfaces are available at the same time, and there can be multiple instances of some of the interfaces. This makes Brainhat a clearinghouse for natural language activities.