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May 20, 2024


Brainhat is programmed in English.

Brainhat can interact with humans, manage outside processes, control robots, learn and remember. It has a SQL back-end and interfaces for robotics, speech, web, VoiceXML, electronic mail, chat and text. Multiple interfaces can be active simultaneously.

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A Brainhat SDK is available. Source code is available. Primary support is for Linux, though Windows can be used as a test platform. There are two versions: database (MySQL) and non-database. As of this date, we haven't packaged the database version for distribution.

Code updated March 3, 2005

Copyright © 1996-2005, Brainhat, Inc.


Technical Overview

Taxonomies, tranformational grammars and inferencing: technical details for those who want to look under the hood.

Goal Oriented Behavior -- Not Chat

Brainhat's conceptual understanding and conversational ability enable goal-oriented interaction.

Speech Interface

Brainhat's V2.05 SAPI speech interface is available for download. Speak with Brainhat and Pandorabots servers.

A Project Ahead of its Time

We thought we'd go find real jobs, but this project won't die. Code updates in the works. Other neat stuff happening.