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Brainhat Text Demonstrations

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Text Demonstrations

This is a collection of interactive Brainhat text demonstrations. Each has a theme. Brainhat learns the theme at run-time, just before interacting with you, the speaker. You don't have to stick with the theme, of course; you can talk about whatever you like. Please note: Brainhat's vocabulary is limited to the words you find here. Also, if you receive a blank response means that Brainhat was not able to make sense of your input, or does not understand a word that you used.

  1. The Weather
  2. The Statue with the Missing Head
  3. Lucy and the Spider
  4. The Bad Food Restaurant

Thank you to everyone who has left comments. Brainhat keeps a journal of what you say, by the way. This helps me gauge the kinds of functionality I should be developing. I appreciate that you have enough faith in what is possible to test the program with circular logic, non-sequitors and the like. Please be realistic though. Brainhat is simply a program. It's reasoning skills are limited.

Note: VoiceXML demonstrations are in another section of the web site.

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