Brainhat Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brainhat?
Brainhat is a programming environment. The programming language is simple English. Program statements are facts and inference templates.
Is Brainhat an AI?
No. Brainhat is not an artifical intelligence (AI) in the current sense of the term. AIs are trained discrimination networks. Training produces a set of weights that are attached to the nodes of the network. When run-time data are presented, the AI network identifies class membership or novelty as compared to training data.
Brainhat's functionality is built upon data structures that represent knowledge. They can be indexed, stored, recalled and shared.
AIs can be incorporated into Brainhat to help identify patterns within knowledge and to classify senseory input.
Why program with knowledge?
Knowledge can capture intent, cause-and-effect and path data for problem resolution. Knowledge can be generalized. Observations gleaned in one domain can be applied to another. A knowledge-based system can be queried about its state.

What can Brainhat be used for?
Brainhat is for building domains of knowledge and belief systems. It can be used to program robots, games and services.

Does Brainhat communicate in English?
Human language makes knowledge portable. Brainhat parses English against a context. It's ultimate meaning is understood against a background of kowledge that came before. Internal computations are performed with knowledge representations. When it is time communicate with you or the outside world, Brainhat translates knowledge back into simple English.
Brainhat's use of English is limited, and primarily for programming and debug. Future versions of Brainhat may combine AI and knowledge to produce more fluid speech.

How can I get a copy?
To be determined. Brainhat is pre-release. Documentation is in progress. Testing and refinement continue. All major features for the upcoming release are completed.
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