Brainhat Developer Community

Why a developer community?

There will be need for content, code and interfaces. Some of these can be potentially provided on a subscription basis and monetized.

  • Development of domain knowledge
  • Provision of domain knowledge via memory files or through networked inter-process communication
  • Developement of motives (scripts)
  • Provision of motives (scripts) files or through networked inter-process communication
  • Development/interfaces to connected external processes, robots and AIs
  • Outboard extractions and transformations of knowledge and parses for other uses, such as alternative natural language output, external knowledge processing
  • Brainhat sub-functions, such as parsing, inference generation or memory recall
  • Additional GUIs and other human interfaces
  • Domain-specific information/news feeds, possibly delivered as knowledge
It's early; we're working on a release. In the interim, if you have any questions or would like to be kept up to date, please send me a note.
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