We passed the Turing test in 2003

The test environment was an Intel server with a Dialogics telephony card in it. We were experimenting with Dragon Naturally Speaking version 6 and compiled grammars for telephony. The valley girl voice was provided by Rhetorical Systems TTS. The grammar and the Brainhat programming were works in progress; not ready for prime-time.

Quite by accident, a woman called our test number looking for someone (Della?). The system engaged her until it crashed ("I broke a fingernail" was code for Brainhat has just suffered a segmentation violation).

I am not claiming this is the greatest human/machine interaction for all time. But, the caller never knew they were talking to a machine and not a woman, and that was Turing's proposed test. Moreover, Turing never dreamt it would be done with human speech.

Here is the recording: Della?