Layer-2 memories

  • Copyright © 2020, Kevin Dowd

    Layer-2 Explicit Inference Memories

    Whereas layer-1 memories are a collection of general propositions, equivalences and descriptions, layer-2 memories are inference templates, mostly.

    if a person is in the woods and the time is night then the person is afraid and the person is cold.

    Inferences can be entered on-the-fly, recalled in general memories or save-sets. What makes a layer-2 inference different is that it is not part of the context, not in memory and may not even be on the same computer. Rather, layer-2 inferences are found in a file, a database or perhaps in another copy of Brainhat.

    dowd@beast:~/brainhat$ ./brainhat -r memories/inthewoods.txt -2
    Starting new memory hash.

    Layer-2 inferences are resurrected when a new entry(s) in the context trigger a hash. So, for example, a file might contain the above inference template. Brainhat could learn that the there is a person in the woods. It might then learn that it is nighttime, too, at which point concepts are substituted into the inference and the inference fires.

    dowd@beast:~/brainhat$ ./brainhat -A +repeat
    >> mario is in the woods
     mario is in the forest.
    >> the time is night
     the time is night. cold mario in the forest is cold. he is afraid. afraid cold mario is cold. he is afraid.
    >> the princess is in the woods
     the princess is in the forest. she is cold. the cold princess in the forest is afraid.
    >> bye

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