Brainhat's open-ended connectivity allows for many different applications.

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The potential for intelligent language-based interfaces and control environments is unbounded. Here are a few of the spaces we have identified and focused upon:


Imagine a car with a personality. It remembers you from the last time you traveled, and can differentiate meaning based on context. For example, "I'm cold" has a different implication for climate control in the winter than it does in the summer. "Where were we yesterday?" is far beyond command-and-control capability of current environments.

Set-top boxes

One can envision a soft interface for a sentient set-top box that controls the telephone, television, stereo, etc. The interface could have a personality, initiate a conversation with you or take orders in a traditional command-and-control fashion.

Hotel, motel, lobby, rooms

A computer that remembers you from the last time you stayed. It could be ready with the restaurants you like. Coupled with location-based services, it could have already found you a date for the evening.


For those too weak or infirmed, or for convenience, the concept of the set-top box speech interface can be extended to the hospital bed. A patient could manage the television, check on scheduled activities, hospital information, or use Brainhat as a gateway to the outside world.


We are conditioned to think of the telephone as a connection-oriented device. But digital telephony can be an "always-on" environment where the phone or PDA is the source and sink for all manner of coordinated information about the world, without call placement. Imagine location-sensitive traffic information, news of the world or a soft interface to the traditional POTS world, all omnipresent.

Driving Cell Minutes

Brainhat, Inc. has several technologies that can drive carrier cell minutes for higher billing. Brainhat can be a digital pal, an interface for location-based services, or the glue for location-less voicemail and audio bulletin boards.

Synthetic Characters, Simulation Agent, Games

Brainhat can be programmed to have a personality, goals, beliefs and feelings for simulation or gaming. It doesn't know that it isn't real.

Virtual Assistant

Imagine an environment that knows you, no matter where you are or how you connect to it--phone, email, chat. This device could be taking calls at home, watching the house, checking your email, making out-bound calls on your behalf.

Programming Environment

The programming language is English. If you can describe a task in simple English, you can give it to Brainhat for delegation to robots and external processes.

Improved Speech Recognition

Brainhat can understand a conversation at a semantic level. Likewise, it can anticipate the course of a conversation and provide valuable hints to a speech engine.

Brainhat has interfaces for many different environments:


Brainhat can "chat" via telnet or console interfaces. Brainhat can read and understand appropriately formatted electronic material.


Our products have been interfaced through Microsoft SAPI, Nuance and Rhetorical APIs.


Throw a switch and Brainhat becomes a dynamic VoiceXML server.


Throw another switch and Brainhat serves dynamic and static HTML content.


Via Brainhat's SQL backend, Brainhat can carry on email conversations that span minutes or months.


Brainhat has proprietary and XML-based interfaces for third-party applications and robots.


The state of any conversation can be exported into XML, suitable for archive or email.


Brainhats can communicate with one-another through a common SQL back-end or across daemon connections. When one Brainhat learns something, others can learn it too.