Time to find a real job....

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February 13, 2004

Well...., we've made a good go at it, and I think that we advanced the state of the art: Brainhat truely represents knowledge, inferences and generates output using semantic structures. We can use English as an associative programming language. And we interfaced to everything that moved. Brainhat was real Artificial Intelligence. We did amazing things.

But we never raised the capital we needed to package and refine the product. I personally ran short of cash soon after the project started in earnest, due to a crash in the price of the stock of the Internet security firm that bought Atlantic Computing from me. Dan Collins, Integralis' ex-COO pitched in some money to keep us going, and we had people banging on doors, but....

The good news is that the source code is available. The database code is present, but we haven't packaged the tables and scripts necessary to use it. It is, in part, a matter of resources.

If you have a paying project, or wish to buy the rights, please contact me. Otherwise, Rich and I will continue to preen code when we can.

Kevin Dowd