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December 10, 2003
Brainhat, Inc.
Rich Foster, Kevin Dowd

This page is for download of an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) interface for Brainhat servers or Brainhat + Pandorabots configurations. Pandorabots users can also use the interface for bare AIML interaction by running a Brainhat server in "no brainhat" mode.

The interface is written in Java. It requires Jaim and a Java runtime.


  1. Obtain a Java runtime (version 1.3 or better) if you don't already have one.

  2. Obtain Jaimlib.

  3. Download Brainhat's BhatAim.jar interface jar file.

  4. Place BhatAim.jar and jaimlib.jar in a directory together.

  5. You will need to create a new AIM account. This will be the screen name that people will use to talk to your Brainhat server under IM. The AIM account name and password will also be used as below, when starting your BhatAimServer program. A new AIM account can be created from AOL's site.

  6. Run Java, invoking class com.brainhat.aim.BrainhatAimServer with a few arguments. Here's a Unix runtime invocation as an example:
    nohup java -classpath Classes\:$cwd/BhatAim.jar\:$cwd/jaimlib.jar \
    com.brainhat.aim.BrainhatAimServer IMBrainhat IMpassword 4144 >& /tmp/jaim.log &

    Or, more generally:

    java -classpath Classes\:$cwd/BhatAim.jar\:$cwd/jaimlib.jar \
    com.brainhat.aim.BrainhatAimServer AIM-user-name AIM-user-password \
    Brainhat-server-IPaddr Brainhat-server-port

  7. Obtain a copy of Brainhat. The Brainhat server is something that you would typically run locally, under Linux. The Brainhat IP address should be the internally visible IP address of the server (the server need not be visible from outside your Internet connection). Port 4144 is the default (and only) choice for the Brainhat server.

  8. Run Brainhat in daemon mode. Directions for unpacking and running a Brainhat server for use with Pandorabots are here. General programming instructions for Brainhat come with the download.

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