Brainhat Natural Language Processing Software


May 1999

What is this about?
Brainhat is a program that can understand language, evaluate ideas, and ask and answer questions. This technology can form the basis for human interfaces to many kinds of applications. Because Brainhat is knowledge representation-based, brainhat can digress within a conversation, answer questions outside the script, and keep rich context. You can even answer a question with a question! This is the way to add language to applications.

Applications for Brainhat are limited vocabulary, scripted sessions, in many ways similar to the statue or restaurant demos you will find elsewhere on this web site. Personal assistants, kiosks, switchboards, and help desk applications are other examples. And Brainhat can easily be extended to act as a natural computer interface, answering questions and running programs on the user's behalf. A "brain hat" would, to that end, be a wearable computer that talks to you.

Brainhat is currently open source. Academic and personal use is encouraged. Commercial use is by separate agreement only. Please see licensing information at http:index.html.

Quid Pro Quo
What do we want in return?

  1. Sponsorship:
    If Brainhat looks like something that your company could make use of one day, you could sponsor our efforts. Contributions of any kind are welcome. At the very least, we would want to link back to your site. More substantial sponsorship could take a financial stake in the project.

  2. Project References:
    Are you using Brainhat in a bigger project? A healthy number of folks use it in their academic work. May we link to your site?

Thank you.

Kevin Dowd and the others at Atlantic Computing

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