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October 24, 2001
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Companies Can Now Easily Provide Dynamically Served Content, Increasing
User Flexibility and Improving Customer Relationships with Fewer Programming Hassles


EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (October 24, 2001) - Brainhat Corporation today announced the Brainhat Voice XML/Web Server, which interprets natural language requests and provides dynamic delivery of content, significantly enhancing user interactions with web sites and changing the web programming paradigm. The Brainhat Voice XML/Web Server is built on the Brainhat Operating System, a natural language OS that can be programmed in English

"Our Voice XML/Web Server solution is the first in a series of products based on our OS that gives programmers the ability to express commands in natural language rather than algorithms and gives systems the power to understand and reason in English," said Brainhat President Kevin Dowd, "This gives companies the ability to provide changing intelligent content delivery that improves their customer relationships."

New Voice XML/Web Server Transforms Human Interaction with Machines
Typically, Voice XML and HTML documents are served by a simple HTTP server that merely fetches and forwards documents and does not interpret requests. Like a basic HTTP server, the Brainhat Voice XML/Web Server can fetch documents. But it can do much more.

Brainhat's Voice XML/Web server programming starts with a collection of web pages and an English description of how the pages are related. Brainhat will engage the user in a conversation, dynamically serving pertinent pages and dialog as the conversation progresses. This provides a more human touch to web page navigation. Pages may be manually linked, as they are on a typical web site, however this is not a requirement.

For example, consider a user who is interested in finding information about sweaters. The Brainhat server can return specific pages about sweaters, showing the user a variety of sweaters from which to choose. Or, with its natural language, intelligent approach, the Brainhat server can generate content that asks questions to refine the users' needs, such as, "What material sweater do you want?" and/or "What color sweater do you want?"

"This natural language approach enables us to dramatically improve a user's ability to interact with a company, raising the bar in artificial intelligence," Dowd said.

Specifications and Availability: Brainhat Voice XML/Web Server & OS

The Brainhat OS is now available for download at or by calling (860) 610-0606. Brainhat Corporation will provide co-development services on a contract basis to help beta users produce the knowledge, vocabulary, grammar and interfaces for their application.

The Brainhat Operating System supports Linux and Windows 98/NT/2000. It comes with clients that support SAPI and other 3rd party APIs. It also supports VoiceXML, a standard that extends HTML to permit online voice interaction, and includes an API that supports extensions permitting interaction with robots and other external processes.. In addition to supporting Voice XML, a standard that extends HTML to permit online voice interaction, the OS includes an API that supports extensions permitting interaction with robots and other external processes.

About Brainhat Corporation

Brainhat Corporation is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge-based, natural language computing that allows humans and machines to interact in a more natural manner. Its Brainhat operating system provides the first platform to bring natural language programming and a natural language interface to commercial markets. The privately held company is located in East Hartford, Connecticut. For more information and online demos, visit

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