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Thursday, November 8, 2001 

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    News and Analysis

    November 5, 2001
    Ask, and You Shall Receive

    By  Jeffrey Burt


    One way to make technology easier to use is to incorporate the use of natural language.


    Brainhat Inc. last week unveiled its namesake Voice XML/Web Server, which officials with the East Hartford, Conn., company said interprets natural language requests and provides dynamic delivery of content. The server is built on the Brainhat operating system, which is a natural language operating system that can be programmed in English.

    The server programming starts with a collection of Web pages and a description in English of how these pages relate to one another. Through a dialogue with the user, the server presents various pages as the conversation proceeds. A user looking for a car can scan numerous sites offering cars, or—through a natural language dialogue—the server can try to refine a user's need through questions such as "What kind of car do you want?"

    The server is available for download now at, with pricing starting at $11,995.


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