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Improving Speech Recognition
December 17, 2001
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"Narrowing the Misrecognition Gap" Program to Analyze Ways Speech Recognition Can Help Humans and Computers Interact More Naturally

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (December 17, 2001) - Brainhat LLC today announced progress in improving speech recognition via natural language processing (NLP).

Through Brainhat's Narrowing the Misrecognition Gap program, the company seeks to aggressively improve speech recognition by expanding beyond basic capabilities through effective uses of NLP and deep natural language understanding.

"We often talk about natural language processing and speech recognition in separate breaths, but the reality is that they are part and parcel to the same challenge," said Brainhat President Kevin Dowd. "For speech recognition to approach Hollywood proportions-or even to meet today's expectations-requires an appreciation for the deep underlying meanings and implications of the spoken word that can only come from a knowledge-based computing environment. Our new research program attempts to delve into a deeper understanding of knowledge-based computing, resulting in what we foresee will be a transformation of speech recognition as we now know it." Dowd continued, "We are applying knowledge of the conversation in progress to reign in the universe of possible interpretations of what the user may have said. The Brainhat technology can recognize a good candidate from a field of candidates, or ask for clarification if none seems pertinent. "

Specifically, Brainhat's efforts introduce the Brainhat operating system as the missing shim between automatic speech recognition and back-end applications. The work promises to make dialog between users and computers more natural and expressive with opportunities for mixed initiative exchanges.

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Brainhat Corporation is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge-based, natural language computing that allows humans and machines to interact in a more natural manner. Its Brainhat operating system provides the first platform to bring natural language programming and a natural language interface to commercial markets. The privately held company is located in East Hartford, Connecticut.

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