Atlantic Class sloop, A30 "Maddie"In 1993, Atlantic was a technology company. We began by consulting to United Technologies Research Center in supercomputing and IP networking. We branched out, helping other organizations connect to the Internet. We saw the potential. We gave talks, presented, wrote books and articles.

We picked up some security product lines, including Check Point firewalls. We installed a lot of firewalls! We built a managed security offering. We gained a wonderful reputation. We had an amazing crew. In 2000, we gave the business to Integralis.

In early 2005, we formed again under the name Halestar. Network security was one of our core disciplines, as before. We added secure wireless networking to our kit bag, based particularly on Aruba Networks’ products. We’ve since lit up many school districts, commercial concerns, cities and towns. We have installations into Central America and Canada. We even put wireless into the Connecticut State Capitol.

Just a couple of years ago, Halestar began operating once again under the name that started it all—Atlantic Computing. But we never let go of Halestar; we’ll always be Halestar too. Call us whichever you like.

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